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Posted by on Mar 5, 2012 in Clinical Medicine

Ancestral Health Providers

As a medical provider in the traditional Western style, I sometimes feel a bit isolated when trying to teach my patients and fellow providers about living an ancestral healthy lifestyle. My colleagues at my clinic have actually been great in learning and discussing many paleo principles, but I still have yet to convinced any of them to give the lifestyle a full trial.

I really think providers like me need to get organized. We need to get together to form an group willing to advocate for this lifestyle. There are some budding organizations out there to discuss ancestral living in general. But to this point I have not been able to find or join a group that is specifically for medical providers such with degrees such as MD, DO, NP, and PA.

I propose that this type of organization be started. (Or has one already been going and I have just missed it??) Who is with me?? Who wants to help me create such a group?

Here are 5 principles that I see for such an organization:

  1.  Model good health for our patients through living the ancestral health lifestyle
  2.  Apply paleo nutrition principles in conjunction with evidenced based allopathic medicine
  3.  Encourage other trained medical professionals to incorporate ancestral nutrition as both prevention and cure of disease.
  4. Engage and support research activities to evaluate ancestral health claims
  5. Advocate for changes in local, state, federal and international policies to promote the ancestral health lifestyle. 

Why do we need such a group??

  • We need to organize our advocacy efforts
  • We need to standardize our assessment and treatment protocols
  • We need to coordinate our research efforts

If you are interested or have any information for me then please comment below or send me an email at paleofitmd @ gmail. Plus please come find me at the Paleofx symposium next week in Austin. I think I might try to plan a meet up during the symposium.