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My Clinic Philosophy

My Clinic Philosophy

I love my patients. I love helping to act as a guide for people in their quest for improved health.

Patient Empowerment:

We all have many goals for life. Some approach me wanting the latest and greatest medication. Some approach health never wanting to even look at a pill. Both ways are not inherently wrong. I stand firmly in the idea of patient empowerment. Patient empowerment should be a guiding principle. Thus responsibility for one’s own health and that of one’s family, children should be directed by the patient with the physician as a guide and counselor.

Health Foundation:

Health promotion and disease prevention should first utilize personalized, preventive lifestyle interventions focused on nutrient-rich food, sensible exercise, stress management, and appropriate sleep. However, there is a place for judicious use of supplements, pharmaceuticals, surgery, and other modalities when indicated.

Professional Integrity:

I like to think that I know my professional limits. I know quite a bit, but no way close to everything. My goal is to be honest with each patient. If I don’t know, then that is what I’m going to tell you. I am not a surgeon or a acupuncturist. There are limits to my training. That being said–every day I try to learn something new. I’m a western trained family physician with a strong belief in ancestral health, but I’m not an “alternative medicine” provider. I still use standard controlled pharmaceuticals rather than replace with pharmaceutical use of relatively uncontrolled and unproven supplements, vitamins, or minerals at pharmaceutical doses. I do not recommend unsafe or unsound practices without evidence. I use modern medical interventions as necessary to treat serious disease. I think you have appendicitis, then I will send you for surgery. That being said, I continue to seek out and explore treatments from those outside usual medical sources. There is much to know and learn outside of traditional western medicine.