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Posted by on Oct 11, 2011 in Athletics



Cyclocross is to biking like    CrossFit is to working out

Please stop what you are doing and watch footage from my cyclocross race this past weekend.

Now that my friends is a fantastic video! Here is Grizzly’s video from the first race of the year.

I honestly cannot decide, which of the videos I like better. They both show a great view of the sport of cyclocross racing.

As you can see, we ride what look like road bikes with knobby tires. Here is my new bike that we just built up.

With these sweet machines we ride on grass, dirt, road, mud, rocks, small ponds. But we also have to carry the bikes over barriers, up steps, and well sometimes just carry the bike the whole course if your wheel breaks or something. Check out the guy in the second video at time 3:36. He is carrying his bike without the back wheel. Um, yeah that is pretty sweet.

Me mid-race:

Road bike racing sometimes can be really snooty and stuffy feeling with rules, regulations and egos. Cyclocross is about the opposite of this. It is all about getting around the course, having a grand time, and getting dirty in the process.

This last weekend my race was at 9:30 AM and was pretty chilly, wet, and muddy. It would have been fantastic, but my lower back really tightened up about half way through. This caused some serious pain for about 35 minutes. My bilateral para-spinal muscle groups were not happy at all. I think this was a combination of having too aggressive of a bike fit, doing a bunch of heavy deadlifts the day before, and not doing enough pre-race to loosen up my back. I ended up taking 15 of 21st in the lowest category.

Going over the barriers.

I decided that my body needed a few days of recovery after the race, which has actually been great for recovery. I’m about to get a WOD in, but I think I will take a bit easy still.

Remember folks that if you are having pain, then you need to find out why, and then take some action to correct it. In my case, I have taken a few days off, done some good lacrosse ball massaging, and some nice hamstring stretching.

Long term, I need to improve my deadlift form and fix my bike fit.