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Posted by on Aug 19, 2011 in Clinical Medicine

Great Day

Great Day

Some clinic days are better than other. Yesterday was a GREAT day! 


It is so much fun to work with successful patients. Patients that are motivated to make changes in their life and then carry through with those changes. Now that I have been working with CrossFit and Paleo patients for a while, I have been having several of those patients returning with fantastic stories. 

We read these success stories everyday on the big websites like and, but it is not every day that I have not just one BUT two patients of my own who are doing fantastic. In addition to these fine folks, I met with a young woman with abdominal discomfort. I am pretty much sure she would have improved symptoms on the paleo diet. I gave her the info. Let’s hope she follows through!

I want to introduce you to K (he approved me talking about him in the post). K is a 53 year old male who up until a year ago was pretty typical of most of my patients. He hardly exercised, and followed the SAD “Standard American Diet.” I first met him about a year ago. He came for an acute illness, and we happened to hit it off. He decided to come on back for a yearly physical. We discussed how he really wanted to change some things in his life. We talked about exercise and nutrition without getting into too many specifics. 

Well…crazy as it sounds. He actually started working on both. He started on some indoor exercise machines and really started taking a look at his diet. We met back a few months later, and it seemed right for him to really jump it up a notch. 

I introduced him to CrossFit. 

At the time there was only one nearby gym. CrossFit Draper. I just happen to know a couple of their trainers from my childhood, so I knew that the gym would be a pretty good place for my 53 year old beginner. I told him about CrossFit in December, and he said he would give it a try. About 6 weeks later I got a message from him that he had started CrossFit and he was loving it! 

Now fast forward 6 months. He is now stronger, faster, happier, healthier, and weighs 30 pounds less than when we started. 

I saw him today in clinic and the glow and smile on his face were so infectious! It was so great to see him doing so well. Today I was seeing him for knee pain. But don’t worry he did not get the pain from CrossFit, but from jumping into a swimming hole in Costa Rica! The knee might hold him back a few weeks, but then he will be full steam ahead again. 

I am so happy to have met K, and so happy that I can be his physician.