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Posted by on Sep 1, 2011 in Athletics

Jordanelle Tri

Jordanelle Tri

I recently completed my last triathlon of the season. It was a last minute deal with my brother-in-law. He did his first tri a few weeks ago and wanted to do one more this year.

I was scheduled to do one more long-distance tri at the end of August, but I was just not feeling mentally desirous of doing it (burned out in other words). But a nice short Olympic distance race sounded fantastic!

The course was nearby up at Jordanelle Res and was run by the triutah folks. We met in the morning and drove up to the parking lot. I’m not a huge fan of this course, mainly because the accessibility of the course is not great. You have to park in the little town and then bike to the transition area with all of your stuff in a bag. It is all downhill to the start (and uphill after the race) but it really is no fun making this trek right before a race.

The race itself went well for me. I happily swam along in water that was just about the perfect water temp for me in a wetsuit. The sun was a bit into our eyes for part of the loop, but all in all I was happy with my result.

The bike started out with really tight and sore quads. As I was not really planning on the race, I did not taper. Sooooo, the day before the race I did a leg dominant CrossFit WOD. Not really the best idea the day before a race. You would think I would learn my lesson, but it was just for fun right?! My legs loosened up and I did start to get the motor cranking. I had a respectable time coming in for the run.

During the run I was really just having a good time. I was not pushing too hard. Enjoyed the scenary, and passed a bunch of people (which I don’t usually do).

Now that triathlon season is over for me, I have some time to work on some of my CrossFit weaknesses. My biggest limiter is my overall strength. Give me a long bodyweight or low weight with some box jumps and I will destroy it. Increase the weight a bit over my threshold and then I will really start to struggle. I’ve set some goals for the fall, and next post you will hear all about them!