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Movement and activity is essential for optimal health.

As we reunite with our ancestral past through increased activity and improved movement, we will gain an overall greater sense of well-being and health. The body yearns for activity, and we all have felt the mental euphoria from doing something demanding and physical. For days after a good run or strength training session, we have increased desires to be healthy.

Athletic performance can be a fantastic motivator to improve our health habits. But we cannot focus solely on high level performance in dictating health also.

Over the last generation, our exercise culture has relied more and more on endurance sports for health. I’m obviously a huge fan of endurance sports being a cyclist, runner, and triathlete, but we need to balance these endurance activities with strength training and mobility work. Endless miles of running or hours on an elliptical should not be your only answer to movement.

We can relearn how to move properly, through specific movement training, which will decrease our risk of injury and help keep us healthy even into our later years.

There are many great ways to increase your ability to movement correctly, but they all start with a good coach or trainer.

Here is a video spot that I did for KUTV.


I’m a big proponent of activities like CrossFit, if done under the supervision of a good coach. High intensity exercise can lead to injuries. You much first learn the appropriate movements. I have been going to Ute CrossFit for several years now. Here I have found a great community with people of all types looking to improve themselves. We have great coaches, who understand ancestral movement, who will help us improve our form to decrease risk of injury and improve our performance.


In addition to CrossFit, I love to ride bicycles. I love bicycles of all types, from my road and cyclocross bikes to my mountain bikes.

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