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Posted by on Aug 5, 2011 in Clinical Medicine, Nutrition

My cholesterol level is amazing and I do not care that much

My cholesterol level is amazing and I do not care that much

I eat four eggs everyday for breakfast. And I add in a whole avocado and salsa. Its basically the perfect protein, fat surprise that I look forward to each morning. I also eat a protein fruit smoothie, because I am a growing and starving boy in the morning.

The first question people ask me when I tell them about my hearty breakfast is, “What’s your cholesterol?!” Followed by a “Aren’t that many eggs bad for you?.”

Well, I’m here to report the answers as “Amazing” and “No”.

Many people think that: eating cholesterol = high cholesterol

This is not true.

If you want to read all about it in detail then please read Gary Taubes book called, “Good Calories, Bad Calories.” Otherwise you will just have to believe me. Cholesterol is regulated by our bodies and eating cholesterol has some action on serum levels, but not nearly to the extent that the general population believes. I blame my own profession for this problem. Physicians and nutritionists have pushed this notion for so long that now it is common thinking.

I am also going to provide my own study with an n of one. Me.

Here are my cholesterol readings for the last 3 years.

As you can see I have broken the reading down to when I first started triathlon, CrossFit, paleo and eating eggs every morning.

A few points about the chart:

1.My cholesterol started at a pretty good level. Earlier in my 20’s I had even higher cholesterol, but I cannot find this data. Anyway, I am starting at a very healthy cholesterol level.

2.After only a few months on paleo in addition to CrossFit, I saw a remarkable decrease in LDL with an improved HDL.

3.Eating 4 eggs every day kept my LDL at an extremely healthy level.

4.My Internist friend in my clinic remarked yesterday, that he has never seen, in his 6 years of practicing, an LDL level this low without high doses of Statin medications.

5.My triglycerides are very low

But now here is the real kicker. I don’t really care what my cholesterol levels are! People these days put way way way too much thought and energy into one little itty bitty marker of possible heart disease. I have some patients that become fixated to the point of obsession on their cholesterol.

There are a lot of mixed data that elevated cholesterol and LDL actually have on heart disease. There is a lot information that these are both essential (oddly I know) for our amazing body machine. Read Taubes book also for more info these studies.

People, please stop worrying about your cholesterol so much. Worry instead about how you feel, how much you exercise, and stop eating sooooo much sugar!!!!