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Physicians and Ancestral Health

We organized Physicians and Ancestral Health to provide support and a community for other like-minded medical physicians. There is a great need to improve our clinical practices to combine ancestral health and western medicine.

If you are looking for a physician in your area that uses ancestral health principles, then these two websites are your best options:

Paleo Physicians Network

Another option is to call the local CrossFit gyms and ask them for recommendations. Often they have physicians that train at that gym who would be willing to work with you.

Organization Principles:

  1. Model good health for our patients through living the ancestral health lifestyle
  2. Apply ancestral health principles in conjunction with evidenced based medicine
  3. Encourage other trained medical professionals to incorporate ancestral nutrition as both prevention and cure of disease.
  4. Engage and support research activities to evaluate ancestral health claims
  5. Advocate for changes in local, state, federal and international policies to promote the ancestral health lifestyle.

Ancestral Health and Evolutionary Medicine:

Ancestral health is a common sense and scientific approach to helping the human body optimize its own healing and maintenance. Biologic and anthropological principles combined with practicality and common sense serve as a “null-hypothesis” base and provides the foundation for recommended practices. These principles should be combined with standard epidemiology-based recommendations for preventative health care, but should not supersede convincing data from well-designed randomized controlled trials. Health promotion and disease prevention should first utilize personalized, preventive lifestyle interventions focused on nutrient-rich food, sensible exercise, stress management, and appropriate sleep. However, there is a place for judicious use of supplements, pharmaceuticals, surgery, and other modalities when indicated.

Patient Empowerment:

Patient empowerment should be a guiding principle. Thus responsibility for one’s own health and that of one’s family, children should be directed by the patient with the physician as a guide and counselor.

Professional Integrity:

We know our professional limits. We are not orthomolecular or alternative medicine providers. We do not replace standard controlled pharmaceuticals with pharmaceutical use of relatively uncontrolled and unproven supplements, vitamins, or minerals at pharmaceutical doses. We do not recommend unsafe or unsound practices without evidence. We will use modern medical interventions as necessary to treat serious disease. We continue to seek out and explore treatments from those outside usual sources.

Interested in Joining?

We are looking for other like-minded MD or DO physicians who are committed to these ideals and principles. Our goal is to create a vibrant and active organization. If you feel that your principles and goals match ours, then we would be excited to have you join. Please send me an email with your interest.

Other Allied Professionals:

If you are not an MD or DO, then please also contact me. There are specific groups for your specialty that you might be interested in joining. And if there is not a current group, then we would like to help you create it!