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Posted by on Sep 15, 2011 in Ancestral Health, Athletics

What are your health goals?

A few times a year I sit down to think about different goals for the many areas of my life. I usually break these up into the different “roles” that I play. For example, I set goals as a physician, teacher, son, church member, and athlete. My “athlete” goals are usually the most fun to set. 

As I wrap up my summer fun and triathlon season, it’s a great time to look at my goals for the next 12 months.   There are so many different possibilities of fun and great things I could be doing over the next year. Here are some of the questions I have been asking myself:

1. Do I want to complete an Ironman distance triathlon next year?

2. Should I get more serious with CrossFit?

3. Should I participate in any CrossFit competitions next year?

4. What are my weakness in triathlon?

5. What are my weakness in CrossFit?

6. Strengths in Tri?

7.  Strengths in CF?

And some of my answers:

1. Yes, I think so. 

2. No. Just have some fun. 

3. I think I’ll go to a few local ones

4. Running is by far my weakness

5. Strength and gymnastics

6. Mentally sound

7. Met-con, jumping, being friendly

So, what does that all get me?? Not sure. 

I think this mainly means that I am going to do an iron distance race next year. Probably mid to late summer. The race that I would love to do is the Vineman, but this race happened to fall on the same weekend as the CrossFit games, which is obviously a problem for me, because I would love to be there again. The dates for these events have not been announced, so I am crossing my fingers that one changes. 

The decision to race ironman next year will greatly impact my training schedule starting about 6 months out from the race. I think that I have a very good base and lung capacity, soI can do whatever I want up until about 6 months out and then I will have to get serious in my training. If the race is on 7/30/12 then that puts me at a training “start date” in February. 

This leaves me with about 4 months to play around with. 

And with these 4 months I will be primarily focusing on 2 things. Getting stronger and racing cyclocross. Um, yeah, just kind of threw that whole other sport in there. This fall each Saturday there is a cyclocross race, and I plan to do most of them while I am in town. These are short 30-45 min cycling races on a dirt track on basically a road bike with knobby tires (a cyclocross bike). This is a brand new sport for me, so I am quite excited to see how things go. I have completed one race already, and well, it was hard. 

The next 3 months until November I will be working on my overall strength. My goal is that by Thanksgiving to achieve a 755 lb CrossFit Total. This will be an increase of 100 lbs since I tested this summer. This fits the definition of a stretch goal well, in that it will be hard to achieve, but still doable. 

My question to answer through this fall is about how I plan to train for my ironman. Will I try a strict CF Endurance plan, more traditional, or a hybrid of both?

So, what are your fall plans??